Digiskills Course Freelancing Exercise 3 Solution

Digiskills Course Freelancing Exercise 3 Solution

Task 1

1. Break down the above project into smaller segments (milestones). You’ll be paid for milestones as they are completed and approved.

Milestone 1:$50500 company names7 days
Milestone 2:$50500 company names7 days

2. What type of job is posted above (Fixed/Hourly)?

This is Data Entry job and it is having Fixed price $100.

3. What type of samples are required from you before the project is awarded?

Data Entry samples are required.

4. What type of tasks are required to be performed for the above project?

We need to search company names and its contact number from company’s facebook account. And then we need to arrange all this data in the Excel sheet.

Task 2

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